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With so many years of experience, our diverse team of experts has efficiently transformed so many homes within New Orleans with the very best quality carpentry work. Our tailor-made solutions will bring the image of your perfect home to reality. We provide a wide range of carpentry services, specializing in designing and installing luxury kitchens. The kitchens that we design are specific to each customer's requirements, and we ensure that we pay strict attention to detail. All of our kitchen installations are designed to be aesthetically appealing and provide complete functionality. For more information, or to receive an estimate, be sure to reach out to our trusted team today.


Luxury Kitchens

If you are interested in remodeling your existing kitchen, and you are looking for a company that can provide these renovations, then you have come to the right place. Having worked in the remodeling and home improvement industry for a number of years, our team has helped so many customers transform their homes with the most stunning kitchen remodeling. We create kitchens that are innovatively designed and designed to improve functionality. Whether you are looking for a modern kitchen, a contemporary kitchen, or even a traditional kitchen, we can deliver. Regardless of your expectation, our skilled team can assist.


Full project management

Because our team is able to deliver high-quality electrical services, plumbing services, tiling installations as well as other flooring installations, we can provide you with an all-inclusive carpentry service. We don’t just do the carpentry installation, but we will ensure that all the electrical, plumbing, flooring, and all other work that is required along with the carpentry service we do for you is done by our team at Nola Handyman. For more information on the carpentry services that we are able to provide, or to discuss your requirements in detail, then be sure to get in contact with our trusted team.


Installations of cupboards 

Our carpentry work does not just include luxury kitchen installations, but our team can also assist with high-quality and beautiful cupboard installations. If you are looking to increase your storage space, and you require that our expert team assists with the installation of some new cupboards to achieve this, then be sure to contact us, then be sure to contact us. Whether you require cupboard installations for your kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms, our team can assist. Be sure to contact us for the very best quality carpentry installations that you will find compared to any other carpentry company within the New Orleans area.


Bar installations 

Another carpentry service that our team is able to offer is bar installations. If you are wanting to improve your entertainment area, then you could easily achieve this with a new bar installation. We provide tailor-made bars that are exclusive to our customers’ needs and requirements, and we carry out the bar installation in a fast turnaround time. If you are looking to add a bar to your home, or if you have any other carpentry requirement that may not be mentioned on our website, we encourage you to get in contact with our team, chances are we will be able to assist.

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